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“How To Become A New Earth Travel Designer, Serve with A Greater Impact, and Build a Traveling EMPIRE

We’re currently mentoring individuals who now have their own travel EMPIRES (agency businesses) and we would love to help you start your own!

Are you being called to HELP Heal Gaia, SERVE with a GREATER IMPACT and build a traveling EMPIRE?




What Is A Wanderlust Warrior (New Earth Travel Agent)?

Myths about Travel Agents

Why Are New Earth Travel Agents Needed?

What Are The Skills Needed To Become A Travel Agent

Pros v. Cons

How Travel Agents Get Paid

and more......


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Jennifer Whittington

Jennifer is the founder and Headmistress of R.I.S.E. Innerversity, a community-based platform for those who are here to help co-create the New Earth and New Earth Excursion, a Concious Travel Agency helping others Navigate the New Earth and Matrix. She is a New Earth Travel Designer, Prosperity Empress, Mother, Sister, and Spiritual Warrior during this Great Awakening.


Her calling is to help people reconnect their body, mind, and soul to achieve their highest potential and step into their roles so they can become a light and serve mankind. She teaches many 5D workshops to help you break free from limiting beliefs, heal past trauma, embrace your soul calling and transform your life through quantum healing techniques. She is here to help serve you. When you heal, she heals as well.


Welcome, it is an honor to serve you!

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