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Goddess Aphrodite in Cyprus, Greece

The third-largest island in the mediterranean sea is the beautiful island of Cyprus. Cyprus is often referred to as the island of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty. However, according to the text from Hesiod’s Theogony, she approached Cythera first. 


Here is the exerpt...


About [the genitals] a white foam grew from the immortal flesh, and in it a girl formed. First she approached holy Kythera; then from there she came to sea-girt Cyprus. And out stepped a modest and beautiful goddess, and the grass began to grow all round beneath her slender feet. Gods and men call her Aphrodite, because she was formed in foam [aphros], and Kythereia, because she approached Kythera, and Cyprus-born, because she was born in wave-washed Cyprus, and laughter-loving [philommeides] because she appeared out of genitals [medea]. Eros and fair Desire attended her birth and accompanied her as she went to join the family of gods. And this has been her allotted province from the beginning among men and immortal gods: the whisperings of girls; smiles; deceptions; sweet pleasure, intimacy, and tenderness. [from Hesiod’s Theogony]


From this, we can gather that the Goddess Aphrodite has genuine links with Cyprus and Kythira. Therefore, this article will focus more on the island of Cyprus. 


When visiting Aphrodites Island, here is a list of 3 magical places to visit.


  1. The Ancient City of Soli - Found close to Lefke, it is one of the most memorable places in Cyprus.
  2. The Classical City of Salamis - The cultural hub for Greeks and Romans, the archaeological sites you can visit include the ruins of the former Roman Bathhouse and a well-preserved amphitheater. This was a hub spot for elite residents and influential people of Rome.
  3. Coastal Pathos - This city has strong ties to the Goddess Aphrodite. Home to one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, the coral bay has turquoise waters hiding coral formations. When visiting, see Tomb of the Kings, The Roman Ruines, and Aphrodite's Rock.


To go deeper and learn more about the history of the Goddess Aphrodite plus ways to tap into her wisdom and the healing she offers, join our FREE community, Discover New Earth.

Goddess Ixchel Isla Mujeres

Treat Your Inner Goddess

Cyprus, Aphrodite locations
Cyprus, Aphrodite locations
Amavi Hotel

While you are on the Island, treat your inner goddess by staying at selected hotels, resorts, villas, and spas in Cyprus. Recharge and reconnect to the history of the Island and the Goddess Aphrodite.


Amavi or Elysium is our destination of choice, but of course, there are many other places to stay on the Island.


If you are ready to visit Cyprus, let us help you plan your Goddess Trip! We are currently picking out some of our favorite places to stay so make sure to follow us on our social media to find your dream places to stay.

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